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NEW Zendesk integration: 24/7 support ticket automation with an AI-powered voicebot


VOCALLS voicebots are now integrated with Zendesk. Thanks to our latest integration with the champions of customer service, call and contact centers can leverage the power of conversational AI to automate their customer support operations.

Transform your support experience

With our industry voicebot templates and seamless integration with Zendesk, your customer support experience will be transformed into an effortless and user-friendly process.

Automated ticket creation

The voicebot creates a populated ticket through natural conversation

Provide 24/7 access to your help desk at no extra payroll cost so customers can submit tickets at any time.

1. Customer calls to submit a ticket
2. Voicebot collects all the information required
3. A fully populated ticket is created in Zendesk

Automated status updates

Keep customers updated
1. Customer calls to check on the ticket status
2. Voicebot provides an update based on the status in Zendesk

4 reasons to power your help desk with AI

Available 24/7: The voicebot operates around the clock, providing assistance even outside business hours.

No waiting: Eliminate the need to navigate complicated IVR menus. Now customers can talk with the voicebot using natural language.

Reduced workload: Reduce the workload for human agents, allowing them to focus on more complex tasks.

Faster resolutions, lower costs: With comprehensive and well-documented tickets, human agents can address issues more efficiently, leading to quicker ticket resolutions to meet your SLAs.

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