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We enjoy it!

We are a team of experienced specialists who share a passion for finding new solutions. No challenge is big enough. We just enjoy it!

Our story

2016 · Straight to the voice

The first clients talked to our voicebot in 2016. Although for most Czech companies automated communication with their customers was still far from being an important topic, we believed that there was a future in voice technology. Our vision was to shift the client experience so that they didn't have to use outdated IVRs, and we also wanted to provide a solution that companies would be able to create easily and implement within weeks, with our support. With a strong knowledge of telephony, we developed the first voicebots and fine-tuned both the conversational design and the app itself.

2018 · VOCALLS Designer

The next logical step was to create the Conversational Flow Designer. All of the functionality was and still is based on the current needs of our clients. This is the only way the tool can always be 100% useful for our customers and reflects the needs of the market. Based on that, the VOCALLS Designer application was created. It enables clients to create a virtual assistant, whether it is a voicebot or a chatbot, quickly and without the need for programming.

2020 · A powerful platform

We have gradually added functional units of already completed conversations, so-called components, to the application. We always try to make the conversation as natural and human-like as possible, which is why the components are tested on hundreds of thousands of real conversations between people and the voicebots and chatbots are fine-tuned based on these conversations.

2025 · Our vision

We want robots to help people. We want to maintain top quality so that when solving a problem, a person always gets an answer as soon as possible and always in perfect quality, which can be even higher coming from robotic operators than from human ones. After all, you can verify it yourself. Contact us at sales@vocalls.ai and together we will find the best use of virtual assistants for your customers. We simply want to “provide the best customer experience with a virtual assistant”.


Key Partners

8-time Czech Contact Center Award Winner