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5 benefits of voicebots for contact centers


What are the benefits of a conversational AI voicebot for contact centers? Let's take a look at the top 5 benefits, and why your revenue hinges on a successful customer experience.

Good customer service can make or break your customer experience. 81% of companies plan to improve their CX more than they did the previous year, and for good reason. Research shows that the better the CX, the more money customers will spend. 

Customers have become more reliant on contact centers in the last few years, and 72% of those contacting customer service do so over the phone. Do your customers get efficient, rapid resolutions to their issues and keep coming back? Or are you losing revenue due to long wait times, overworked agents, and frustrated customers?

If your customer service department–and revenue–suffers from limited payroll, long queues, and a high churn rate, then it’s time to explore a powerful solution with huge benefits: conversational AI voicebots.

5 benefits of voicebots for contact centers

1. Self-service accessibility

90% of consumers expect a company to provide self-service options. Customer service experts report that 20% to 40% of their inbound calls could easily be resolved using existing self-service channels, and yet those inbound calls take up agent time that could be spent resolving more complex tasks.

A conversational AI voicebot can fully automate more than 50% of inbound contact center calls so customers get quick, efficient solutions through self-service.

A list of use cases that voicebot technology can automate.

Unlike human agents, a voicebot is easily scalable according to demand, handling thousands of calls simultaneously, 24/7. Customers will get the help they need at any time, from anywhere. 

Using a voicebot as a self-service channel also augments your customer service agents by making sure their time is spent on more complex tasks, rather than dealing with a backlog of waiting customers trying to resolve simple issues.

2. Reduced average handle time

82% of consumers said that the number one factor of a great customer service experience is getting a solution to their problem quickly and easily.

When it comes to rapid and efficient resolutions that lead to higher CSAT scores, nothing can compete with an AI-powered voicebot. Your customers can skip the queue and start speaking to a voicebot in under 7 seconds–the amount of time it takes for the voicebot to pick up the phone. 

Text image: 43% reduction in AHT

Powered by an advanced natural language processing (NLP) engine, the brain behind the bot, a voicebot is trained to understand and reply to customers without relying on keywords. Customers can have a conversation that feels as natural as speaking to a human agent.

3. Personalization

Offering personalized customer experiences leads to your customers spending more money and bringing in repeat business.

With a few easy integrations, a voicebot can make every call personalized with empathetic responses, customized recommendations, and more. 

4. Improved Analytics

Along with personalization, voicebots can collect invaluable insights and analytics to better inform customer service processes and performance. Trends, patterns, popular products, and even areas for improvement can all be identified through analysis of data collected by a voicebot. 

5. Scalability & savings

Conversational AI voicebots don’t just bring in more revenue from satisfied customers–they’re also proven to be cost effective by reducing both the cost per call and payroll costs.

Text image: 65% cost reduction

While voicebots are not intended to replace human agents, they are designed to automate repetitive tasks to save time for agents and customers. 

A voicebot requires far fewer resources and can handle hundreds of thousands of calls per month, compared to a human agent who must receive training and can only make so many calls in a single shift.

Once your busy season hits, you won’t need to hire additional personnel or costly BPOs. A voicebot can easily scale with demand.

A woman wearing earbuds smiles while looking at her phone

No matter the industry, customer service is a rapidly-changing landscape. A voicebot can not only keep up with both customer and company demands, it can also keep your contact center ahead of the curve.

What this all boils down to is this: voicebots = better CX. Better CX = increased revenue. The research shows that consumers will spend more money at the company that offers better customer service. Will that be you, or your competitor?