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Serving customers 78% faster: VOCALLS’ voicebots supercharge call handing with Azure OpenAI

January 22, 2024
5 min

VOCALLS, a Prague and London-based pioneer, is reshaping customer service with its AI-powered voicebots. Relying on Microsoft Azure AI technologies, VOCALLS automates over 50 million interactions per year. Its happy customer, Estafeta, has seen myriad benefits: a 78% reduction in average handling time aside from a 120% increase in answered calls. Today, Estafeta’s customers receive immediate support instead of a 10-minute wait, leading to stellar customer satisfaction scores.

"We develop voicebots that can constantly evolve and cut costs. We automate more than 50 million conversations annually and help our customers increase call capacity overnight," says Artem Markevich, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at VOCALLS. These voicebots are a result of extensive training by conversation designers, a dedicated team of linguists, and educators. Powered by VOCALLS’s proprietary natural language processing (NLP) engine, the company's voicebots can alter speech tempo, tone, and even mimic human emotions.

“We use various AI technologies, including Azure AI Search and Azure Cognitive Services, to ensure that our voicebots are trained in every facet of interaction,” explains Martin Čermák, CTO of VOCALLS. Předota agrees and adds, “When Microsoft launched Azure OpenAI Service, we knew we could use it to enhance our voicebots even further.”

We automate more than 50 million conversations annually and help our customers increase call capacity more than 100 times overnight.
- Artem Markevich: Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer / VOCALLS

A compelling success story

One of VOCALLS’s happy customers, Estafeta, is a pioneer in logistics and one of the first in the Latin America market to implement AI voicebot technology. Previously, Estafeta’s customers had to navigate a lengthy interactive voice response (IVR) labyrinth and spent up to 10 minutes in the queue waiting to speak to a human agent.

Partnering with VOCALLS, Estafeta quickly deployed its own voicebot, called Beatriz. "Beatriz handles simultaneous calls with zero waiting time, freeing our human agents to handle more complex customer calls. If a customer requires an agent to handle an issue, the voicebot seamlessly transfers the call, providing the full context to the agent,” explains Gizeth Paulina Torres Ocejo, Innovation Manager at Estafeta. “The greatest VOCALLS advantage is its flexibility—thanks to the underlying Azure technology, we are able to easily design any business process and deploy it in a matter of days."

The voicebot has helped Estafeta streamline its call center queues and enhance customer experience. "With VOCALLS, the average handling time (AHT) reduced by 78%, from 420 seconds to 90 seconds. We were also able to answer 120% more calls for tracking packages," Torres elaborates. “Of our customers, 88% rate their experience with the voicebot very highly, and 89% say they find it easy to receive necessary service.”

“We were lucky to spot the opportunity with voicebots in 2016. Since then, we have spent hundreds of hours developing and testing ideas,” reflects Markevich. He and his co-founder Martin Čermák were determined to build VOCALLS from scratch to retain control and ability to adapt voicebots to every customer’s needs. “We fell in love with the challenge and innovation of conversational AI, and we hope to help more companies deliver better customer service while supporting their business objectives.”

With VOCALLS, the average handling time (AHT) reduced by 78%. We were also able to answer 120% more calls for tracking packages.
- Gizeth Paulina Torres Ocejo: Innovation Manager / Estafeta

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