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VOCALLS Reporting – Important Data in One Click

February 18, 2023

Reporting is a key tool for optimizing and developing services or products. The correct and simple display of data can make it easier to make decisions when setting up or optimizing customer service processes. With this in mind, we decided to improve our product and created a new functionality called reporting, which provides you with a simple and quick overview of your customers, of the virtual assistant’s behavior and the communication between them.

Quick and clear data processing

Thanks to a quick overview available in just a few clicks, you can receive feedback on your virtual assistant’s activity, customer satisfaction and other metrics. Simply choose from preset templates and view clear graphs of your choice.

Choose what you want to measure

Within reporting, you can easily filter which part of the script or area you want to measure in Designer. Whether it's a pie chart of routing or a summary chart of the ratings of your services.

For example, you can measure:

  • reasons for the call’s termination
  • the average call duration
  • the call’s rating
  • the campaign success rate
  • the amount of text messages sent
  • and more

It couldn’t be simpler

We spend a lot of time on the UX of our solutions, so you don't have to worry about complex configurations and analytics tools. Anyone can measure the success of voicebots in Vocalls. An intuitive step-by-step setup guides you to the statistics that you can then easily filter yourself.

If you are interested in setting up reporting, please email us at