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NEW launch: real-time over-the-phone AI translation


We have officially launched LiveTranslate, the first AI-powered real-time translation over the phone for contact centers.

Thanks to LiveTranslate, contact centers can now offer multilingual CX with none of the added costs, time, or inconvenience of human interpreters.

  • Expanding global reach
  • Reducing average handle time
  • Optimizing costs

Our clients save on costs thanks to our AI voicebot, chatbot, and emailbot solutions; however, we frequently saw situations where phone calls had to be handled by human agents, and a voicebot couldn’t be used,” said Martin Čermák, CTO of VOCALLS. “That's why we created the first real-time over-the-phone translator. To help clients solve that use case and still save on costs.”

Available now, LiveTranslate equips contact centers to speak any language in minutes. Agents can connect with any customer anywhere in the world, without the added cost of interpretation services or multilingual specialists.

“A company only needs specialists in one language. Any call in another language can simply be translated live. The results so far speak for themselves, and the feedback from clients and partners has been outstanding,” said Čermák.

The latest VOCALLS innovation leverages existing translation and speech-to-text technology to connect agents and customers in any language.

Similar applications of AI technology have been seen recently: Spotify is using AI to translate podcasts into other languages. Unlike Spotify’s Voice Translation, LiveTranslate works in real time.

Ready to think bigger and bolder?

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