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Introducing LiveTranslate: the future of multilingual customer experience


What if your contact center could take calls from customers in any of the 7,000 plus languages in the world? LiveTranslate equips contact centers to speak any language in minutes without the cost, time, or inconvenience of human interpreters.

AI automation has come a long way in the last five years. Voicebots, chatbots, and emailbots powered by conversational AI and most recently by generative AI, all working together to automate customer interactions for contact centers.

With more than twenty million hours of voice conversations automated, we're uniquely positioned to understand and solve pain points for clients. For some use cases, 100% automation simply isn’t possible. Customers will have to talk to a human agent to solve certain issues, and that’s where LiveTranslate comes in.

LiveTranslate is an AI-powered real-time translator for contact centers that want to bring down language barriers and expand their reach globally. LiveTranslate connects customers and agents over the phone in their native language for seamless, natural communication.

How does LiveTranslate work?

LiveTranslate is a bidirectional real-time translation engine that translates both sides of the phone conversation so each party hears their native language.

The contact center agent or the customer will say something, and LiveTranslate listens and then translates it so the second party hears their native language spoken.

For specific use cases, LiveTranslate can be customized so that things like your company name, products, and unique terms are all translated accurately.

Why use LiveTranslate for multilingual CX?

Break down barriers

29% of businesses reported customer churn caused by no multilingual support. LiveTranslate connects companies to customers anywhere in the world in their native language. Watch churn drop and CSAT scores rise.

Expand global reach

68% of consumers prefer speaking with a company in their native language. Go beyond language barriers and borders to connect with any customer in brand new markets.

Empower contact center agents

72% of people contacting customer service do so over the phone. Equip contact center agents with the perfect go-between so they can take on every conversation without specialized language skills or training.

Deploy in minutes

Your contact center will see immediate benefits after LiveTranslate’s simple installation. There’s no need to introduce new processes or onboard agents.

Ready to think bigger and bolder?

Global reach is as simple as pressing a button. Let’s get you connected with anyone in the world, in any language. Experience it for yourself in a 15-minute demo call.