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Conversational artificial intelligence from VOCALLS now handles enquiries at Packeta


The covid era has accelerated the general digitalization of services and artificial intelligence has entered our lives on a larger scale. The multifold increase in online orders caused by a limited possibility to shop in brick-and-mortar stores and a need for their seamless delivery has fallen on the shoulders of logistics companies. Therefore, the customer service line at Packeta is now assisted by an intelligent voicebot that can answer the most common questions or track a shipment.

The virtual assistant speeds up customer service and is available 24/7

In the beginning of December 2020, VOCALLS was approached by Packeta and after just two weeks of intensive conversation design development, they were able to welcome a new member to their team, a virtual assistant that is able to track a parcel. If a customer calls the helpline to track a shipment or find out its status, the virtual assistant will request the shipment number, verify the sender’s name, and inform the customer about the condition of the shipment. The virtual assistant is integrated into the database of Packeta, so it can accurately determine whether the shipment is ready to be picked up, is being handled by the claims department, or is on its way to the addressee. If the customer requests the location of a shipment, the voicebot creates a ticket for the Packeta staff and calls the customer back as soon as the shipment is located.

Since our company was founded, we have been doing everything we can to give our clients the best possible shopping and delivery experience. This approach also fits in with VOCALLS’ vision of their virtual assistant. Incorporating conversational AI into our processes felt like a step in the right direction and ultimately proved to be the case this past Christmas, says Simona Kijonková, the CEO & Founder of Packeta. Now customers can call even at night and don't have to wait on the line. The operators also have time to deal with more complex requests,

she adds.

Customers no longer wait to push a button

Artificial intelligence is helping the clients of Packeta in other areas as well. The ZET virtual operator has fully replaced the IVR system ("Are you expecting a delivery and need more information? Press one") and as a result, there is no need to wait for all the options to be read and press the buttons. You can talk to ZET as you would with a normal operator. ZET can extend the storage period of a shipment and can also track the whereabouts of a lost shipment. In addition, it can answer the most common questions of addressees, senders and online stores. For example, you can ask ZET how to send a shipment, how to deal with a claim, how to find the code for pick-up in case you forgot it or how to use the app. In total, it can recognize almost 200 types of customer requests and learns with every new call.

We have been using the services of Packeta as end customers for years now and we benefit from it because it offers a great delivery service for ordinary people. We are therefore very pleased that we can now take part in moving Packeta one step closer to the people. Whenever I have to extend my storage period again, I will appreciate that ZET can take care of my request at 11PM without waiting, says Artem Markevich, CEO of VOCALLS.

The voicebot is not limited by the number of incoming questions, it is constantly learning and refining its answers with each call. Natural Language Processing uses artificial intelligence to analyze the spoken word and understand natural sentence structures, not only simple keywords. Throughout this process, the AI continuously reports recognized and unrecognized topics, based on which the voicebot can be taught. If these are only synonyms or differences in pronunciation, the AI independently learns from previous conversations.

We are constantly improving our solutions and we spend a lot of time on improving conversation design and NLP. We want to deliver an increasingly better customer experience, just like Packeta“