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Debt collection

Perform a collection call simulation and personalize it with your company name.


An automated technical support system. You can create a new ticket or consult an existing one. The flow contains the following components: numerical sequence, date, ready, free speech. The demo emulates the interaction with a third-party helpdesk through API integration.


A very simple conversation to assess customer satisfaction after a fictitious meeting. The flow includes the following components: NPS (Net Promoter Score) and free speech. Click on the DEMONSTRATION CALL button to enter your first and last name.

Package location

Track your package in a very simple way. When prompted by the voicebot, use this tracking number: 1230567. In addition to tracking a package, you can ask the virtual assistant to tell you a joke, do a meditation, or if there is a possible job opportunity.It works with number extraction and string Similarity.


An “automated repeater system” created to test latency and transcription accuracy. The demo runs in a loop.

University pre-screening

In this flow, the virtual assistant of a fictional medical school inquires if you’re still interested in applying. If yes, it asks you several questions as part of the pre-screening process (interest in the specific subject, motivation for applying, etc.). After clicking on DEMO CALL, you can put in your own name and surname.


A light-hearted voicebot that quizzes you on conversational AI.

Lost credit card

Replace lengthy IVRs with a voicebot that understands different customer problems. Tell this voicebot that you have lost your credit card and follow the instructions.

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