Voicebot increases call capacity and debt collection success rate. Call automation and debt collection by a virtual assistant

Client:De Vries Group, a.s.
Period:preparation September to October 2020, launch 31 October 2020

De Vries Group, successor of the company De Vries Justitia, is a debt collection agency which has been operating since 2012 in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, the Netherlands, Spain and Georgia.

We were very happy when we got the opportunity to work with VOCALLS and test their voicebot in the debt collection process. Currently, we are testing and fine-tuning the operation, but already we have managed to increase the efficiency of our contact center, as the voicebot enables us to handle multiple calls simultaneously. The virtual assistant provides high quality support just like its human colleagues. If required, the voicebot transfers the call to a customer service representative. Together with VOCALLS, we are setting up the voicebot to handle inbound calls and we look forward to further future cooperation.

Main achievments

Growing efficiency of paid receivables
Cost optimization

Pay-per-minute calls

Capacity flexibility
Handling multiple orders simultaneously


Increase the number of client contacts, as well as the number of contacts called
Optimize costs while maintaining scale
Increase efficiency: converting pledges into actual paid receivables
Enable day-to-day acceptance of large occasional orders


De Vries Group handles large-scale occasional orders and needs to be flexible in responding to the needs of their clients and adapting capacities.

Therefore, De Vries Group began to look for a technology that would provide them with more flexibility. After previous experience with another provider, De Vries Group reached out to VOCALLS. The contract was smoothly taken over from the previous provider and by clarifying the goals and needs, within two months we were able to launch a virtual assistant successfully collecting debts.

De Vries Group began to look for a technology that would provide them with more flexibility

Technical solutions and implementation

Efficient client approach

The voicebot is tasked with ensuring that pledges to pay debts are converted into actual paid receivables, which requires a well-thought-out human-machine interaction. The voicebot also informs the client about when and how payments need to be made.

Cooperation, testing and analysis

The call script, which determines the optimal functioning of the voicebot, was developed in close cooperation with De Vries Group. Several test phases took place before the voicebot was deployed. Since the launch, log files are being analyzed in order to supervise, maintain and fine-tune the human-machine interaction.


Since the deployment of the voicebot, De Vries Group has seen an increase in the number of client contacts.

The voicebot handles multiple calls simultaneously and therefore the number of paid receivables increased as well. The voicebot flags clients who are unreachable for an extended period of time, thus saving work and time of operators who can focus on more complex cases.

The performance of the voicebot was compared to the performance of human operators and it turned out that the bot was just as efficient. In certain weeks, the voicebot performed even better!

Compared to the operators, the voicebot is cheaper because it is only paid per successful call and not for the time it spends calling clients who do not answer.

Accomplished at De Vries Group

Increasing efficiency

From the first until the third month, the value of paid receivables increased by 362%, from 130,000 CZK to 600,000 CZK.

Compared to human operators

The performance of the voicebot is comparable to or even better than the performance of human operators

Capacity flexibility

The ability to accept new orders in multiple calls simultaneously

Cost optimization

The voicebot is only paid for the minutes talking to the client

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