The AI-powered telephone bot

Outbound calls
Conversational style
Inbound calls
Context-sensitive speech processing
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The voicebot handles inbound calls

and ties in with a conversational style

The voicebot easily carries out
customer surveys

and provides you with NPS data

With a success rate of
at least 90%
the voicebot finds out why customers are calling

Offers tailored solutions and if required transfers the call to a customer service representative

The voicebot is suitable for running extremely
outbound campaigns

The voicebot calls customers, provides them with relevant information and collects feedback

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We guarantee

Save time and money ⋅ 1000+ simultaneous calls ⋅ Up to 300% cheaper than a human operator
 Be available 24/7 ⋅ Collect information on weekends or at night ⋅ Never miss a call ⋅ Perfect for SLA
Increase profit ⋅ Cut costs on call-centers ⋅ Increase customer‘s satisfaction ⋅ Engage old leads ⋅ Measure customers‘s satisfaction ⋅ Schedule appointments with the sales team

Start from Pilot

  • ↙ Inbound or ↗ outbound campaigns
  • Customised call scripts
  • Custom integration
  • 8/5 support
  • Complete campaign report

After Pilot

  • Various monthly packages
  • Edit call scripts in Designer
  • Reporting
  • Documentation
  • 8/5 support


  • Cloud / On-premise / Hybrid
  • ∞ Unlimited parallel calls
  • Workshops
  • Custom support
Get full control ⋅ Edit or make new scenarios ⋅ Real-time data transfer from each call to your CRM
Use flexible reporting and monitoring in real time ⋅ Sort out calls with the heatmap ⋅ Schedule outbound campaigns
Start, pause or stop campaigns at any time

Launch the voicebot in just a few days!

Tell us about your tasks, and we will launch your project.
It takes 4 days, on average, to start a campaign.

We make an offer
Conversation designers create call scripts
The dev team sets up integrations
You approve the project
The project is launched!
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By the way,

We have chatbots, too

They come with a voicebot

All-In-One Platform

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