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We were very satisfied with our cooperation with VOCALLS, we liked the solution they provided, and it fully met our expectations!

VOCALLS!? A cool company with cool people! We cooperate with VOCALLS on automated processing projects, especially client requirements, with a focus on digitized communication. The cooperation with VOCALLS colleagues is above standard. Their speed of resolving requests is really surprising! The quality of the delivered services meets our expectations. A really great partner.

Already the first negotiations with VOCALLS showed that this is an experienced and technologically very advanced company, whose voicebot solution exceeded all our expectations.

Mainly, their prompt communication and professional approach helped us automate internal processes in a shorter period than we expected.

Client care, working from home, flexible working hours and multitasking – all of these were essential for expanding our team with a virtual colleague.

At VOCALLS, we especially appreciate the individual pro-client approach, professionalism and ability to respond quickly and willingly to the new challenges that business is constantly bringing.

We cooperate with VOCALLS to automate communication with customers. VOCALLS specialists develop robotic intelligent solutions that respond to customers’ voice requirements.

The first "voicebot" showed that the quality of the robot’s voice and especially the level of recognition of the client requests, which can have many variants in the Czech language, is at a high level and approximately 85% of all requests are successfully completed without employee intervention.

The proactive approach of the VOCALLS team is of great importance to this success. They are very interested in understanding our processes and they convert this understanding into voicebot programming.

Cooperation with them has always been very productive in finding the best solutions.

We started cooperating with VOCALLS after an unsuccessful project with a foreign company, where we didn’t manage to communicate or proceed in the work towards the desired result.

I must say that although VOCALLS is a start-up, they made a huge impression on us, both in the quality of the services provided, meeting delivery deadlines, and last but not least, support. During the implementation of the project with VOCALLS we haven‘t had any of the mentioned problems that bothered us during the first implementation with the foreign company.

VOCALLS communicate and are always willing and, most importantly, ready to help. So I give them more than a positive evaluation and especially towards Mr. Čermák, who has been more than helpful to us throughout the implementation of the project.

1st place

Czech Contact Center Awards

Technology, 2019

1st place

Czech Contact Center Awards

Clients, 2020